Dutch Vander

"Dutch" Vander Card

Y-Wing Move

Y-Wing Maneuver Card

Jon Vander, nicknamed “Dutch,” is a former Imperial pilot who defected when he was ordered to bomb rebel-friendly areas of his home planet. After joining the rebellion, Vander flew a Y-wing as Gold Leader during the Battle of Yavin. He questioned the rebel strategy of attacking the Death Star with fighters, but led the first attack on the battle station’s vulnerable thermal exhaust port. Unfortunately for Vander, Darth Vader and his wingmates pursued the Y-wings into the trench. Unable to maneuver, Vander was shot down, along with his fellow Y-wing pilots. read more

Card Text/Abilities Edit

After acquiring a target lock, choose another friendly ship at Range 1-2. The chosen ship may immediately acquire a target lock.

Possible Upgrades Edit

TurretTorpedoes (2)AstromechModificationBTL-A4 Y-wing (Title)

Available Through Edit

Y-Wing Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Blake Henriksen

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