TIE Fighter
PS 8 2 Weapon
Cost 18 3 Agility
Faction Imperial 3 Hull
Errata no 0 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary
Pilot Ability
When another friendly ship at Range 1 is attacking with its primary weapon, it may reroll 1 attack die.
Focus • Barrel Roll • Evade
Elite • Modification
Maneuver Chart
TIE Fighter Move
Available Through
TIE Fighter Expansion Pack
Civé Rashon was a female TIE pilot in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. She led Obsidian Squadron, an elite TIE squadron stationed aboard the Star Destroyer Avenger, and was given the call sign "Howlrunner". In 3 ABY, Rashon and Obsidian Squadron participated in the takeover of the planet Bespin and in the pursuit of the fugitive Rebel starship, the Millennium Falcon, as it escaped the planet. A year later, Rashon and Obsidian Squadron fought in the Battle of Endor.

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Strategy Edit

X Wing Strategy Tips Ep6 Howlrunner

X Wing Strategy Tips Ep6 Howlrunner

What Is The Source For Howrunner's Name

Card Art Edit


"Howlrunner" Ship card. Card Artist: Lukasz Jaskolski