Omega Leader Alt

Omega Leader Alt Art


Card Text/Abilities Edit

Enemy ships that you have locked cannot modify any dice when attacking you or defending against your attacks.

Possible Upgrades Edit


FAQ Edit

  • if Omega Leader has a target lock on an enemy ship, and Emperor Palpatine is equipped to a different enemy ship, the ship with Emperor Palpatine equipped may modify one of the locked ship’s dice. (FAQ v.4.11, 3/15/2016)
  • if a ship locked by Omega Leader attacks Omega Leader with a Heavy Laser Cannon, it does not change its crit results to hit results. (FAQ v.4.11, 3/15/2016)
  • Adding or subtracting dice (i.e. Jan Ors) and canceling die results (i.e. Crack Shot) do not count as modifying dice. However, game effects originating from ships that Omega Leader has locked that add die results (C-3PO, Advanced Targeting Computer, Accuracy Corrector, etc.) do count as modifying dice and cannot be used.
  • If “Omega Leader” has an enemy ship locked, when that ship attacks or defends against “Omega Leader,” that ship cannot resolve abilities that would modify dice, even 0 dice, such as Keyan Farlander’s ability. Additionally, that ship cannot resolve abilities that cause “Omega Leader” to reroll his dice (such as R7 Astromech or Elusiveness), as these are abilities that modify dice. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.2.1, Updated 07/01/2016)

Playstyle Edit

With all the benefits of a TIE/fo, Omega Leader prioritizes acquiring a lock but NOT using it. Doing so makes it harder for its prey to hit it and avoid being hit by it.

Available Through Edit

TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Anthony Devine

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