"Redline" Card

Punisher dial

TIE Punisher Maneuver Card

Redline' was the call sign of the Commander of Black Eight Squadron, succeeding Juno Eclipse after her reassignment by Lord Darth Vader following the Bombing of Callos. He was described by Captain Eclipse as "psychopathic" in her logs and in her experience he was the coldest, cruelest, least considerate being she had ever flown with. He was one of three pilots under her command who complained about their withdrawal from Callos.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

You may maintain 2 target locks on the same ship. When you acquire a target lock, you may acquire a second lock on that same ship.

Possible Upgrades Edit

SystemTorpedoes (2)Missiles (2)Bombs (2)Modification

Available Through Edit

TIE Punisher Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Mariusz Gandzel

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