"Youngster" Card
TIE Fighter Move
"Youngster followed Juno into Black Eight Squadron and was expected to rise quickly through the ranks of enlisted officers. However, he left the squadron after Juno was reassigned, and flew transport ships for a while before returning to active duty. Stationed as a sentry around the Imperial construction site on Kashyyyk, he was killed when Galen Marek destroyed the planet's Skyhook. Marek used the Force to smash Youngster's TIE Fighter into a building."

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Friendly TIE fighters at Range 1-3 may perform the action on your equipped Elite Talent Upgrade card.

Possible Upgrades Edit


FAQ Edit

  • “Youngster” can use his ability in conjunction with TIE fighters as well as TIE/fo fighters and TIE/sf fighters. (FAQ v.4.30, 3/17/2017)
  • “Youngster’s” ability can be used only if his equipped elite Upgrade card has the “Action:” header. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.2.1, Updated 07/01/2016)

See Also Edit

Available Through Edit

Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Ameen Naksewee

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