Arvel Crynyd

Arvel Crynyd Card

A-Wing Move

A-Wing Maneuver Card

Arvel Crynyd was a Human male who was the leader of the A-wing-filled Green Squadron during the Battle of Endor. At the climax of the battle, he was leading a strafing run of key locations on the Executor and took out several turbolasers before point-blank fire struck the left side of his A-wing, sending it into a spin. Knowing that his fighter was critically damaged, Crynyd managed to regain enough control of his starfighter to sacrifice himself as he flew it into the unshielded bridge of Executor. The wedge shaped fighter penetrated the bridge and its large fuel reserve ignited in a fireball that annihilated the command tower, killing Crynyd, Admiral Piett and the entire bridge crew instantly. With control lost, and in the middle of a battle maneuver, the mighty warship crashed into the second Death Star, thus turning the tide of the battle.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

You may declare an enemy ship inside your firing arc that you are touching as the target of your attack.

Possible Upgrades Edit

MissilesModificationElite (if A-Wing Test Pilot is fielded for this ship)

Available Through Edit

A-Wing Expansion Pack

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