AutoBlaster Card

As with modern blaster cannons, the autoblaster produced a high-intensity particle beam that was propelled from the barrel at a target. However, unlike its modern equivalents, the autoblaster fired a salvo of wild bolts, powerful but not extremely accurate. The autoblaster was reintroduced during the Galactic Civil War, now as an updated version of blaster technology. Designed for the B-wing fighter, this modern autoblaster had an even higher rate of fire than other blasters, but was not available to other models until after the Battle of Endor.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

ATTACK: Attack 1 ship.

Your hit results cannot be canceled by defense dice.

The defender may cancel critical results before hit results.

FAQ Edit

The defender cannot cancel hit results with evade tokens or other added evade results, such as from C-3PO, when attacked with Autoblaster. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015)

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Card Artist Edit

Mariusz Gandzel