Carlist Rieekan Card

A battle-weary veteran of the Clone Wars, Carlist Rieekan served the Alliance in its struggle against the Empire, commanding rebel forces on Hoth. Rieekan was a native of Alderaan, and the destruction of his homeworld haunted him. After Han Solo and Chewbacca discovered an Imperial probe droid on Hoth, Rieekan ordered an immediate evacuation of Echo Base. The decision wasn’t popular – rebel personnel had barely completed the grueling work of establishing the base -- but Rieekan’s caution prevented the Battle of Hoth from being a total rout, and so helped save the Alliance.

 Card Text/Abilities Edit


At the start of the Activation phase, you may discard this card to treat each friendly ship's pilot skill as "12" until the end of the phase.

Available Through Edit

Rebel Transport Expansion Pack Huge Ship

Card Artist Edit

Jeff Lee Johnson