Carnor Jax

Carnor Jax Card

TIE Interceptor Move

TIE Interceptor Maneuver Card

Carnor Jax was the son of a Thyrsian Sun Guard warrior who was executed by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious after failing to recover the holocron of Adas.

As a young man, Jax joined the Galactic Empire and was enlisted as a stormtrooper, even serving under Agent Blackhole as one of his so-called Blackhole stormtroopers. Jax stood out among his squad as one of the best, and it was not long until Jax was recognized and removed from his squad to receive training to become a Royal Guard. Alongside forty-three other recruits, Jax was brought to Yinchorr, where the original inhabitants had been removed to provide the perfect training ground for the most elite warriors of Darth Sidious, who was publicly known as Emperor Palpatine.

Card Text Edit

Enemy ships at Range 1 cannot perform focus or evade actions and cannot spend focus or evade tokens.


Carnor Jax Ability Diagram

Possible Upgrades Edit

EliteModification • Extra Modification (if Royal Guard TIE is fielded for this ship)

Available Through Edit

Imperial Aces Expansion Pack

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