These effects allow you to alter your maneuver or its properties (such as difficulty, speed, etc). For example: change your maneuver after revealing it, or treat certain maneuvers as a different difficulty, etc.

In addition to the listed pilots and upgrades, the following Critical Hit Cards alter maneuvers:

  • Damaged Engine: Ship – Treat all turn maneuvers (left turn or right turn) as red maneuvers. (All Core Set damage decks.)
  • Shaken Pilot: Ship – During the Planning phase, you cannot be assigned straight maneuvers. When you reveal a maneuver, flip this card facedown. (The Force Awakens Core Set damage deck only)
  • Reactor Leak: Ship – When you execute a maneuver, reduce the amount of energy you gain by 1 (to a minimum of 0). (All Huge Ship damage decks)
  • Damaged Stabilizers: Ship – When you execute a bank maneuver (Left or Right), suffer 1 damage. If you draw a damage card, draw it from the Fore Damage deck. (C-ROC Cruiser damage deck)

Stress and ion tokens can also affect maneuvers and movement. Crippled aft sections of Huge Ships will also affect maneuvers.

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