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Cargo is a category of Upgrades that can only be carried by Huge Ships.

Ships that can equip Cargo are:

Cargo Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions
Backup Shield Generator Rebel Transport 3 Limited.
Comms Booster Rebel Transport 4 none
EM Emitter Rebel Transport 3 Limited.
Engine Booster Rebel Transport 3 Limited.
Expanded Cargo Hold Rebel Transport 1 GR-75 only.
Frequency Jammer Rebel Transport 4 Limited.
Shield Projector Rebel Transport 4 none
Slicer Tools Rebel Transport 7 none
Tibanna Gas Supplies Rebel Transport 4 Limited.
Ionization Reactor Tantive IV 4 Limited.
Broadcast Array Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 2 Gozanti-Class Cruiser only.
Docking Clamps Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 0 Gozanti-Class Cruiser only. Limited.
Cluster Bombs Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 4 none

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