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Condition Cards Edit

Conditions cards are cards assigned by Ship and Upgrade cards that represent persistent game effects.

A Condition card is not in play until a game effect assigns it to a ship. When a Condition card is assigned, its text immediately resolves.

After a ship is assigned a Condition card, assign the associated Condition token to that ship as a reminder of that card's ongoing effect. That token is removed when the Condition is removed. A Condition that has been removed can be assigned again.

Unique Conditions Edit

If one of your unique Conditions is already in play and one of your effects calls for it to be assigned again, remove the Condition card from the original ship and assign it to the new ship.

Sorted Table Edit

Name Faction Assigning Cards Paraphrase
Fanatical Devotion Imperial General Hux If you spend a focus token to change all focus results to hit results, one of the hit results cannot be canceled by defense dice. Focus tokens cannot be used when defending.
I'll Show You the Dark Side Imperial Kylo Ren


Kylo Ren (Crew)

Choose Pilot Damage card from damage deck; deal that card the next time critical damage suffered.
A Debt To Pay Scum A Score to Settle When attacking a ship that has the "A Score to Settle" Upgrade card, you may change 1 focus result to a critical hit result.
Suppressive Fire Rebel Captain Rex When targeting a ship other than Captain Rex, roll 1 fewer attack die. Remove if Captain Rex is attacked, is destroyed, or does not perform an attack.

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