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Hardpoints are a category of Upgrades in X-Wing, only found in Huge Ships. Hardpoints are a type of secondary weapon, characterized by spending Energy to Attack.

Ships that can equip Hardpoints are:

Hardpoint Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions Range {Dice} [Energy Capacity] (Per Attack) Other Text
Quad Laser Cannons Tantive IV 6 none 1-2 {3} [2] (1) If this attack does not hit, you may immediately spend 1 energy from this card to perform this attack again.
Single Turbolasers Tantive IV 8 none 3-5 {4} [2] (2) The defender doubles his agility value against this attack. You may change 1 of your focus results to a hit result.
Ion Cannon Battery Imperial Raider 6 none 2-4 {4} [2] (2) If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 critical damage and receives 1 ion token. Then cancel all dice results.
Dual Laser Turret Imperial Assault Carrier 5 Gozanti-Class Cruiser only. 1-3 {3} [1] (1) Perform this attack against 1 ship (even a ship outside of your firing arc).
Heavy Laser Turret C-ROC Cruiser 5 C-ROC Cruiser only. 2-3 {4} [2] (2) Perform this attack against 1 ship (even a ship outside of your firing arc).

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