Pilot Skill Cost Elite Talent? Pilot Name Pilot Ability
8 20 Yes Serissu When another friendly ship at Range 1 is defending, it may reroll 1 defense die.
7 19 Yes Genesis Red After you aquire a target lock, assign focus and evade tokens to your ship until you have the same number of each token as the locked ship.
6 18 No Laetin A'Shera After you defend against an attack, if the attack did not hit, you may assign 1 evade token to your ship.
6 18 Yes Quinn Jast At the start of Combat phase, you may receive a weapon disabled token to flip one of your discarded Torpedo or Missile Upgrade cards faceup.
3 15 Yes Inaldra When attacking or defending, you may spend 1 shield to reroll any number of your dice.
1 14 No Sunny Bounder Once per round, after you roll or reroll dice, if you have the same result on each of your dice, you may add 1 matching result
5 17 Yes Tansarii Point Veteran none
2 14 No Cartel Spacer none

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