Multi-Faction Ships Edit

These are ships which can be fielded in one of two or more factions in standard play, so long as the player has the correct pilot cards. Players are still limited to standard squad-building rules, such as one faction per fleet.

Example: A player with a HWK ship could use it to build a Rebel fleet or a Scum fleet, assuming he has the needed Rebel or Scum pilot card.

Painting Edit

Ship coloring does not affect its type, and is thus legal in either faction. Custom paint jobs also do not matter and are legal in tournaments.

Example: A player could field the colorful Sabine's TIE Fighter in an imperial fleet flown by "Night Beast", or fly an Imperially painted TIE Fighter in a rebel fleet with Sabine Wren piloting it.

Ship/Pilots Empire Rebel Scum Expansions
Firespray-31 Slave 1, Most Wanted
HWK-290 HWK-290, Most Wanted
Scurrg H-6 Bomber Scurrg H-6 Bomber
TIE Fighter Core, TIE Fighter, Imperial Assault Carrier, Sabine's TIE Fighter
Y-Wing Y-Wing, Most Wanted
Z-95 Headhunter Z-95 Headhunter, Most Wanted

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