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Salvaged Astromech is a category of Upgrades in X-Wing.

Ships that can equip a Salvaged Astromech are:

Salvaged Astromech Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions Text
R4 Agromech Wave 6 2 none When attacking, after you spend a focus token, you may acquire a target lock on the defender.
Unhinged Astromech Wave 6 1 none You may treat all 3-speed maneuvers as green maneuvers.
"Genius" Wave 6 0 none If you are equipped with a bomb that can be dropped when you reveal your maneuver, you may drop the bomb after you execute your maneuver instead.
R4-B11 Wave 6 3 none When attacking, if you have a target lock on the defender, you may spend the target lock to choose any or all defense dice. The defender must reroll the chosen dice.
Salvaged Astromech Wave 6 2 none When you are dealt a faceup Damage card with the Ship trait, you may immediately discard that card (before resolving its effect). Then, discard this Upgrade card.
Overclocked R4 Wave 8 1 none During the Combat Phase, when you spend a focus token, you may receive 1 stress token to assign 1 focus token to your ship.
R5-P8 Wave 8 3 none Once per round, after defending, you may roll 1 attack die. On a hit result, the attacker suffers 1 damage. On a critical hit result, you and the attacker each suffer 1 damage.

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