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Teams is a category of Upgrades only found in Huge Ships.

Ships that can equip Teams are:

Team Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions Text
Gunnery Team Tantive IV 4 Limited.

Once per round, when attacking with a secondary weapon, you may spend 1 energy to change 1 of your blank results to a hit result.

Engineering Team Tantive IV 4 Limited.

During the Activation phase, when you reveal a Straight maneuver, gain 1 additional energy during the "Gain Energy" step.

Sensor Team Tantive IV 4 none

When acquiring a target lock, you may lock onto an enemy ship at Range 1-5 (instead of Range 1-3).

Ordnance Experts Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 5 Limited.

Once per round, when a friendly ship at Range 1-3 performs an attack with a Torpedo or Missile secondary weapon, it may change 1 of its blank results to a hit result.

IG-RM Thug Droids C-ROC Cruiser 1 When attacking, you may change 1 of your hit results to a critical result.

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