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Turret is a category of Upgrades in X-Wing. Turrets are a type of secondary weapons, characterized by being able to Attack even a ship outside your firing arc.

Ships that can equip a Turret are:

Turret Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions Range Dice Other Text
Ion Cannon Turret Wave 1 5 none 1-2 3 If this attack hits the target ship, the ship suffers 1 damage and receives 1 ion token. Then cancel all dice results.
Blaster Turret Wave 3 4 none 1-2 3 Spend 1 focus token to perform this attack.
Autoblaster Turret Wave 6 2 none 1 2 Your hit results cannot be canceled by defense dice. The defender may cancel critical results before hit results.
Twin Laser Turret Wave 7 6 none 2-3 3 Perform this attack twice . Each time this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage. Then cancel all dice results.
Dorsal Turret Wave 8 3 none 1-2 2 If the target of this attack is at Range 1, roll 1 additional attack die.

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