Colonel Vessery Card


TIE Defender Maneuver Dial

Broak Vessery was a pilot of the Imperial Navy who served under Ysanne Isard following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Colonel Vessery's two TIE/D Defender squadrons, Interloper Squadron and Stranger Squadron, were ordered by Isard to rescue the New Republic's elite Rogue Squadron from above Corvis Minor V, following a trap laid by Isard's clone and Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel. Under orders from Isard, Vessery trained the surviving Rogues in the use of the Imperial TIE/D Defender, in the hope that an alliance between rival forces could infiltrate Krennel's forces and used to bring the rogue warlord down.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

When attacking, immediately after you roll attack dice, you may acquire a target lock on the defender if it already has a red target lock token.

Action Bar Edit

FocusTarget LockBarrel Roll

Possible Upgrades Edit

Elite • Cannon • Missiles • Modification• Title (TIE/x7 or TIE/D)

FAQ Edit

If a friendly ship has a target lock on an enemy ship and Colonel Vessery spends his own target lock to attack that ship (for example, he spends his target lock to fire a Concussion Missiles), he may immediately acquire a new target lock on that ship and spend it to reroll his attack dice. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015)

Available Through Edit

TIE Defender Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Mark Molnar

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