These are the upgrades that appear (or can be added) on the action bar of each type of ship.


  • (U) means this ship has its own Upgrade (often a Title) to provide the action (e.g. Millennium Falcon), and which is typically unique (so you can only equip one of these ships with it).
  • 1 Small ships with a modification slot can gain Barrel Roll by equipping Vectored Thrusters.
  • 2 Any ship with a modification slot can equip Engine Upgrade to gain Boost.
  • 3 One small ship with an illicit slot is able to equip Cloaking Device to gain a one-time use Cloak action.
  • 4 Any ship with a modification slot can equip Targeting Computer to gain Target Lock.
  • 5 Any large ship with an illicit slot is able to equip Burnout Slam to gain a one-time use SLAM action.
  • 6 The Kihraxz can equip 3 modifications with the Vaksai title, uniquely allowing it to use Engine Upgrade to enable also taking Autothrusters. Or it can gain both Boost and Barrel Roll with Engine Upgrade + Vectored Thrusters.
Ship Barrel Roll 1 Boost 2 Cloak3 Evade Focus Target Lock 4 SLAM 5 Rotate Arc Coordinate Reinforce
A-Wing BT E F TL
Aggressor BT E F TL
ARC-170 F TL
Attack Shuttle BR E F
Auzituck Gunship F RE
B-Wing BR F TL
E-Wing BR E F TL
Firespray-31 E F TL
G-1A Starfighter BR (U) E F TL
HWK-290 F TL
JumpMaster 5000 BR F TL
K-Wing F TL SL
Kihraxz Fighter 6 F TL
Lambda Shuttle F TL
Lancer-class Pursuit Craft E F TL RA
M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor BR E F TL
Protectorate Starfighter BR BT F TL
Quadjumper BR F
Scurrg H-6 Bomber BR F TL
StarViper BR BT F TL
TIE Advanced BR E F TL
TIE Adv. Prototype BR BT F TL
TIE Aggressor BR F TL
TIE Bomber BR F TL
TIE Defender BR F TL
TIE Fighter BR E F
TIE Interceptor BR BT E F
TIE Phantom BR CL E F
TIE Punisher BT F TL
TIE Striker BR E F
TIE/fo Fighter BR E F TL
TIE/sab Fighter BR E F
TIE/sf Fighter BR F TL
T-70 X-Wing BT F TL
U-Wing F TL
Upsilon Shuttle F TL CO
VCX-100 E F TL
VT-49 Decimator F TL
X-Wing F TL
Y-Wing F TL
YT-1300 E (U) F TL
YT-2400 BR F TL
YV-666 F TL
Z-95 Headhunter F TL

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