Dash-rendar pilot

Dash Rendar Card

Card Text/Abilities Edit

You may ignore obstacles during the Activation phase and when performing actions.

Possible Upgrades Edit

• Elite • CannonMissiles • Crew Member • ModificationOutrider (Title)


Dash Rendar Alternative Art card from the 2015 Spring Tournament kit

FAQ Edit

  • When declaring a barrel roll or boost or before executing a maneuver, Dash Rendar must choose whether or not to use his ability before measuring if he would overlap an obstacle. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.4.0, Updated 10/25/2017)
  • If Dash Rendar receives the Stunned Pilot Damage card and executes a maneuver that causes him to overlap an obstacle token, he does notsuffer damage. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015)

Unique Named Edit

Dash Rendar (Crew)

Available Through Edit

YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Ben Zweifel

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