Determination Card

" I have you now! "

Card Text/Abilities Edit

When you are dealt a faceup Damage card with the Pilot trait, discard it immediately without resolving its effect.

Available Through Edit

Notes Edit

  • Determination only triggers when you're dealt a face-up card. It does nothing against normal damage, crits absorbed by shields, or face-down cards being turned face-up by effects like Chewbacca (Crew) or Saboteur.
  • When it triggers, Determination completely blocks the crit and you don't receive that damage card.
  • There are 4 Pilot crits: Blinded Pilot, Damaged Cockpit, Shaken Pilot, and Stunned Pilot. (The original deck has Blinded Pilot, Damaged Cockpit, Injured Pilot, and Stunned Pilot). Blinded Pilot can be devastating depending on when you receive it; the others can likewise vary in their severity based on circumstance.
  • There are two of each Pilot crit, so approximately 24% of the deck is Pilot crits. When you are dealt a face-up damage card, it has about a one in four chance of triggering Determination, though the odds vary as cards are pulled from the deck. You and your opponent can always inspect the contents of the discard pile to guesstimate the odds, but any face-down damage can skew your estimate.
  • Determination completely negates the threat of I'll Show You The Dark Side, which always applies pilot crits. This results in always taking 1 less damage card from an attack that triggers I'll Show You The Dark Side, until your deck runs out of pilot crits.
  • This upgrade is most effective on high-hull ships, and/or against fleets that deal lots of crits or which apply face-up damage cards by other means (e.g. I'll Show You The Dark Side and Adv. Homing Missiles).
  • "Leebo" has slightly improved odds with Determination (about 43% instead of 24% from a fresh deck). Pilots like Maarek Stele can slightly lower the odds of their opponent triggering Determination.