Ships in the X-Wing Miniatures game are all assigned to one of the game's three major factions, representing the various competing groups in the Star Wars universe. Each faction contains unique ships and pilots with different abilities, allowing players to construct a fleet tailored to their preferred playstyle. Fleets must only contain ships from a single faction, although several ships are available for use in multiple factions.

The Rebel Alliance Edit

Symbol- -rebel

The faction emblem of the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebel Alliance...

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The Resistance Edit

Symbol resistance

The insignia of the Resistance.

Introduced with the Force Awakens Core Set and Wave 8, the Resistance is a Rebel subfaction featured in the new Star Wars films. Although in the Star Wars universe the factions did not exist at the same time, and Resistance dials and pilot cards feature modified Rebel insignias, all Resistance ships are fully compatible with standard Rebel ships.

The Galactic Empire Edit

Symbol empire

The insignia of the Galactic Empire.

The Galactic Empire...led by Emperor Palpatine.

The First Order Edit

Symbol first order

The insignia of the First Order.

Introduced with the Force Awakens Core Set and Wave 8, the First Order is a subfaction of the Galactic Empire featured as its successor in the new Star Wars films. Although the Galactic Empire and First Order are not contemporaries in the Star Wars universe, their ships are fully compatible with standard Empire ships.

Scum and Villainy Edit

Symbol scum

The emblem for the Scum and Villainy faction, based on a Mandalorian war banner.

Scum and Villainy is the third major faction of X-Wing, introduced in February 2015 with Wave 6. As the name suggests, the faction represents certain unsavoury elements in the galaxy, such as bounty hunters and assassins, who are not aligned to either the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire.

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