Grey Squadron Pilot

Grey Squadron Pilot Card

Y-Wing Move

Y-Wing Maneuver Card

Gray Squadron was a Rebel starfighter squadron that flew B-wing and Y-wing starfighters marked with gray striping to identify their squad affiliation. The Y-wing starfighters in the squadron were flown in three flights of four. Led by Colonel Horton Salm, the Gray Squadron was created shortly after the Battle of Hoth. It was vital in the attack on the Imperial Academy of Carida, and in the battles of Kothlis and Endor. During the Battle of Endor, the squadron skimmed the Death Star's surface to provide defensive cover, as well as destroying Capital ships between Millennium Falcon and the Death Star.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Long after the Y-wing was to be phased out, its speed, durability and weapon options helped it remain a staple in the Rebel fleet.

Possible Upgrades Edit

TurretTorpedoes (2)AstromechModificationBTL-A4 Y-wing (Title)

Available Through Edit

Y-Wing Expansion Pack

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