Guardian Squadron Pilot
PS 4 2 Weapon
Cost 25 1 Agility
Faction Rebel 5 Hull
Errata No 4 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary
Special Features
Turret Primary Weapon
Focus • Target Lock • SLAM
Modification • Turret • Torpedoes x2 • Missiles • Crew • Bomb x2
Maneuver Chart
Available Through
K-Wing Expansion Pack
Guardian Squadron was under the personal command of General Horton Salm. The Squadron took part in the failed attack on Borleias six and a half years after the Battle of Yavin. Defender Wing was instrumental in saving Rogue Squadron from certain destruction during the assault. During the Thrawn Crisis, Guardian, originally a Y-Wing squadron, was reequipped with B-wings and subsequently took part in the New Republic's campaign against the rogue Imperial Admiral Krennel.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

The K-wing’s surprising acceleration, heavy armor plating, and devastating ordnance made it a favorite for hit-and-run operations.

Possible Upgrades Edit

Turret • Torpedoes (2) • MissilesCrewBomb (2) • Modification

Available Through Edit

K-Wing Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Mariusz Gandzel