IG-88A Card


Aggressor Maneuver Dial

IG-88A was the first of the IG-88 assassin droid models. Created by Holowan Laboratories as part of a secret Imperial project commissioned by Supervisor Gurdun, IG-88A had a violent awakening. Upon activation, he rapidly expanded his memory, growing to the brink of sentience due to a new programming package installed within.

IG-88A believed that he was superior to organic beings, and, when the scientists in the lab—concerned with his rapidly propagating memory—attempted to shut him down, he slaughtered them. IG-88A then activated the other three IG-88 models in the lab, transferring his consciousness to their droid brains and linking the four droids with a single mind.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

After you perform an attack that destroys the defender, you may recover 1 shield.

Action Bar Edit

FocusTarget LockBoostEvade

Possible Upgrades Edit

EliteSystemCannon (2)BombIllicit • ModificationIG-2000 (Title)

FAQ Edit

  • IG-88A’s pilot ability does not allow him to gain shields above his starting shield value—he must lose a shield token before he can recover it.
  • If IG-88A destroys a ship at his pilot skill, he does not recover the shield until that ship has had an opportunity to attack with the Simultaneous Attack Rule.

Available Through Edit

IG-2000 Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Anthony Devine