TIE Fighters and Interceptors can, basically, Move 0, over the course of 2 turns. This can be handy for forcing your opponent to show their plan while you sit back. Here's how it is done:

  • Perform a 1 Turn (left or right).
  • Barrel Roll backwards to whichever side you turned to. (If you turned left, Barrel Roll as far back and left as you can)
  • (next turn) Perform a 1 Turn in the direction opposite of the last turn. (If you turned left last turn go right this time).
  • Barrel Roll backwards, on the same side you turned to. (If you turned right, Barrel Roll as far back and right as possible)

You should now be in almost the same position as you started, 2 turns ago (and without gaining any Stress) This is just something I came up with on my own, I don't know if it has appeared anywhere else.

Darth Vader ____________________________________HowlrunnerEdit

X-Wing Strategy Tips Ep5 - Vader19:34

X-Wing Strategy Tips Ep5 - Vader

X Wing Strategy Tips Ep6 Howlrunner08:43

X Wing Strategy Tips Ep6 Howlrunner

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