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Some card abilities, such as the "Ion Cannon Turret" Upgrade card, can cause a ship to receive an ion token. A ship is ionized while it has an ion token assigned to it. A ship with an ion token assigned to it follows special rules during these phases:

Since an ionized ship is not assigned a maneuver dial, it is not treated as revealing a maneuver during the Activation phase.

FAQ Update: A small ship with at least one ion token assigned to it (or a large ship with at least two ion tokens assigned to it) is considered ionized.

Effect of Ion Tokens on Huge Ships Edit

Huge ships do not suffer the normal effects of ion tokens. Instead, during the Gain Energy phase, the affected huge ship takes one less Energy for each ion token assigned to it. Then all ion tokens are removed at the end of the Activation Phase.

Ion upgradesEdit

Upgrade/Pilot Squad
Type Ion Damage Range
Ion Cannon 3 Cannon 1 1 1-3
Ion Cannon Turret 5 Turret 1 1 1-2
Ion Cannon Battery 6 Hardpoint 1 1 crit 2-4
Ion Torpedoes 5 Torpedoes 1 in radius 1 1 2-3
Ion Pulse Missiles 3 Missiles 2 1 2-3
Ion Projector 2 Modification 1 0 overlap
Feedback Array 2 Illicit 1 self 1 & 1 self 1
Ion Bombs 2 Bombs 2 0 1
Conner Net 4 Bombs 2 1 overlap
EMP Device 2 Illicit 2 0 1
Ionization Reactor 4 Cargo 1 1 1
"Leebo" (Crew) 2 Crew 1 0 self

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