Kath Scarlet Card (S&V)

Firespray 31 Move

Firespray-31 Maneuver Card

Kath Scarlet was the female Human captain of the Binayre Pirates, a band of pirates and smugglers that operated within the Corellian sector during the Galactic Civil War. Scarlet preyed upon unarmed starships passing through Corellian space, using her Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft to ambush them and capture their cargo. When the Galactic Empire dispatched a team to destroy a Rebel base on Talus, Scarlet attacked and boarded their shuttle as it emerged from hyperspace, only to be driven back by the well-armed Imperials. Around the same time, she attempted to take possession of the Z-95 Headhunter Dire Hound from its spacer owner, but retreated when the spacer defended the starfighter.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

When attacking a ship inside your auxiliary firing arc, roll 1 additional attack die.

Possible UpgradesEdit

EliteCannonBombCrewMissilesIllicitModificationTorpedoes (if Slave I is fielded for this ship), or additional 2 bombs (if Andrasta is fielded for this ship)

Unique NameEdit

Kath Scarlet (Imperial Pilot)

Available ThroughEdit

Most Wanted Expansion Pack