Knave Squadron Pilot Card

E-wing dial

E-Wing Maneuver Card

Knave Squadron was a starfighter squadron that was equipped with E-wing escort starfighters.

The unit saw its first action during the First Battle of Mon Calamari. One of the first E-wing squadrons deployed in the New Republic Defense Fleet, the pilots of Knave Squadron were among the reinforcements sent from Pinnacle Base to Dac following the loss of the Star Destroyer Emancipator. Though the squadron fought bravely, several craft and pilots were lost to defensive fire from the World Devastators.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Specifically designed to combine the best features of the X-wing series with the A-wing series, the E-wing boasted superior firepower, speed, and maneuverability.

Possible Upgrades Edit

System • Torpedoes • Astromech • Modification

Available Through Edit

E-Wing Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Mariusz Gandzel

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