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  • what is the meta in the USA midwest?

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    • I don't know about the larger region (the whole Mid West), but the Intermountain Cup covered Utah and Idaho and surrounding areas and it might be a good test case (and I'm familiar with it).

      Here's the list of fleets that competed

      I won with triple Auzitucks and lost only two ships over 8 games.  My victory shocked everyone attending, especially me.  I did not expect to do well that day, but by round 3 or 4 we'd started to realize something was up with my fleet... I had people rooting for my opponents, hoping to see even a single tuck die.  ;)

      Multiple Decimator builds reached the playoffs, partly because they don't mind bombs and RAC is terrifying (especially with Kylo crew and the right build).  The top 4 was 3 RAC fleets and my Auzitucks.  ^_^  Dengar + Nym was a scary one, really anything with Dengar or Nym.  Quickdraw was popular too.  Lots of very high-PS ships did well because of Nym's bomblet threat, but not always.  Bombs were popular.

      You can read about my battles in the forum thread starting here; I gave a brief writeup on each match.  I was surprised by the fleets that gave me trouble vs the fleets I trivialized... Triple Auzitucks are not very afraid of Kylo, Nym, or often even Dengar, it turns out.  Dengar & Fenn killed one of my Tucks, as did RAC+Rebel Captive & Rexler.

      I'm not sure how normal or weird our local meta is, though I get the impression it's slightly west of normal.  I've never been to Regionals (missed out last year) or especially Worlds, though we have some players who did very well in Worlds (including Mike who was famously cheated out of a win by the dial-spinning incident; he's getting a free all expenses paid trip to Worlds this year because of that).

      So, while I can't say what the meta is for the larger region, I hope that helps answer your question a bit.  The next place to ask is on the FFG Forums, which are a much larger group and they're probably less sheltered than I am.  ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi i was hoping this was a good list here it is garven dries with r5-p9 then jake farell with chardiann refit and push the limit a y wing with ion cannon turret and rookie pilot if this isn't a good list please tell me and help me make one here are my stuff rebel aces imperial vets y wing original core set y wing tie fighter and a wing and a tie defender and a r5p9 from eBay, by the way, no proxies.  

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    • So first of all, your post is very hard to read.  Please take time to type your sentences, proofread what you've written, and generally make it less laborious to read and parse the meaning from your words.  If you won't put time into your question, it isn't right for me to have to put time into the answer; it's just common courtesy.

      As for your list... I think you're asking about this:

      Garven Dreis with R5-P9

      Jake Farrell with Chardaan Refit + PTL

      Presumably Gold Squadron Pilot with Ion Cannon Turret

      Rookie Pilot with no upgrades

      Is that about right?

      You have two points left, but before deciding how to spend it, I want to point out that R5-P9 is in conflict with Garven's ability.  He wants to spend his focus token during combat so he can hand it to an ally; doing so at the end of combat to regain a shield denies him the opportunity to help a friend.  I recommend upgrading to R2-D2 for shielding, or go with M9-G8 and lock an ally or enemy and just hold onto the lock, focusing the rest of the rounds.  The remaining 1 or 2 points could be spent on a cheap astromech for the Rookie Pilot or Y-Wing, or upgrading the Y-Wing's pilot skill to 4 with Gray Squadron Pilot in case of Predator on the enemy team (I suspect an astromech is the better buy).  You might even give R5-P9 to the rookie pilot, which works well with Garven's support.

      Overall your squad has decent hitpoints and firepower, some control with the ion.  There's nothing especially powerful here, it's okay for a casual fleet but it'll be torn apart in a serious tourney, so be aware of that.  Jake is going to be agile and defensible, but he lacks bite unless he's at range 1.  Garven isn't feeding any abilites but his focus could help an ally who missed their action due to stress, bumping, hitting obstacles, etc.

      It's not a bad fleet.  At a minimum, move R5-P9 to the other X-Wing or the Y-Wing and you're golden.

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  • I'm trying to make a comment on your reply in Lightning Reflexes saying "It works with Ailerons and Daredevil as long as the maneuver is on the dial.", but I get an error about a problem with my login session. I can comment on other pages, but not Lightning Reflexes. I have encountered the problem before. Do you have any idea what causes this?

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    • Wikia is crap.  The way to fix this is to log out of wikia, close the tab, open a new tab and return to wikia.  Login and try to post your comment again.

      My guess is Wikia is using a sloppy solution to session hijacking and it ruins users' days far more often than do hijackers.  :(

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  • i have the first core set and a y wing what do i buy next no proxies are used except the y wing title and i would really like to go to kansa city or st Louis to go play a tournament and i have a budget for rebels and some imperial ships for my brother to play against me because there aren't many stores in my area.

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  • Hi Wazat,

    I gather by your admin status and all of your comments that you are quite knowledgeable in this game, so I was wondering if you could give me some ideas for building a Squad. I mostly play Imperial, but I do have some rebellion ships. I will list the ships I have below, and the upgrades cards I have are whatever comes with them. I started a few weeks ago, so sorry if anything is done incorrectly or if anything I say is wrong.

    Imperial Ships: My preferd faction, because they look super cool and are much better at avoiding hits.

    TIE Defender:     This one is easily my favorite ship (I own), and even though it can be expensive, I enjoy it's reliabilty and with 3 all around on the stats, It can be effective defensively AND offensively. 

    TIE Striker:     The Striker is a great glass cannon, rolling a maximum of seven defence dice with a "Pure Sabacc " and swarm leader , or as a wild card with "Duchess " and adaptive ailerons .

    4 TIE/fo Fighters :     I don't have the upgrade cards for these, as they are from the base pack. I like o use Omega squadron pilots with my striker, and I find their speed to be great support fighters. 

    Rebellion Ships: I haven't really used these ones or put much thought into a squad for them, I MUCH prefer the Imperial ships.



    2 T-70 X-Wings

    Please help me build a decent squad with these, whether that be with some ideas I gave above or a better strat (so most strats). I do only play casually against my family right now, but I am thinking of starting to play competitvely in the future, once I get better. If you could recomend an expansion to buy in the future that would be great (preferably the $15 or $20 ones). 

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    • ok ONE last thing. I have been intrested in a tie phantom for some time, so if I purchased Imperial Veterans and the tie phantom, and wanted to use the TIE shuttle title, would the crew from the tie phantom be good choices for it?

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    • Tactician and Recon Specialist are very good crew in a lot of situations.  The TIE Shuttle would benefit most from Tactician -- it doesn't get as much use out of Recon Specialist.  Systems Officer is great though and that comes with Veterans.  At that point you have a stress-dealing TIE Bomber that passes out locks with its green maneuvers.  Not a bad support.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi watzat i was thinking about writing to ffg about some ideas about x wing to make the origanal x wing and y wing better it could be called heroes of the rebel alliance or something and i was wondering if you think they might respond my question really in if they have a good customer service.  

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    • I'm not sure how responsive they are.  I asked them a question months ago about Targeting Synchronizer and never got a response, but they may have been busy that day or not known how to answer it.

      As general advice, I recommend you refine your ideas and hopefully get them to the point where you can express them in a couple of paragraphs.  I'm not sure they read long e-mails.  :)  So start with a summary, show the card abilities and costs you're thinking of introducing or modifying, briefly explain why that would be helpful/cool or what problem that would solve, and leave it at that.  That would maximize your chances that someone will read and respond to your message.

      I forget how to find it, but there's a link somewhere on FFG's website for how to contact them with rules questions.  I'd look there for contact info.

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    • thanks.

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    • if you dont have the question answered i could help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm sorry for asking these kinds of questions but I need help building a list that can be learned semi-easily and is good for a pro but still fun to fly with the few expansions i have or am planning to get for the rebels. here are the ships that I have x wing core set (original) force awakens core set, a wing.b wing, imperial aces, rebel aces and I am planning to get the tie silencer not this needs to be a rebels list.

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    • A simple fleet might consist of:

      Poe Dameron with R2-F2  + Push The Limit

      Luke Skywalker with R2-D2 + Push The Limit OR even Marksmanship

      Blue Squadron Pilot + Fire Control System + Ion Cannon

      Poe or Luke can arguably make reasonably decent use of R2-F2 with Push The Limit (R2-F2 isn't good on any other pilot IMO, but I think he has some value here; you're not seeking top-meta, tournament-winning fleets, and with the cards you have, this is actually a pretty reasonable setup).  Poe should focus every round, and potentially push the limit first to use R2-F2 or boost.

      Luke is stable and sturdy, very basic but very affordable.  Use R2-D2 to restore shields when needed, and push the limit when you know you can afford a green next turn.  If you choose Marksmanship, it'll give Luke a bit more bite on attacks but a bit less defense (since it doesn't focus his defense), but Luke's ability makes him defensive to take it.

      You could actually switch R2-F2 and R2-D2, as Luke makes pretty good use of R2-F2 as well and Poe is always happy for regens on green maneuvers.

      The B-Wing is a cheap cleanup ship with a lot of health.  Its primary weapon is solid and can kill off ships that survive Poe and Luke, and it can ion ships that are about to run into asteroids to make sure they can't turn away.  Or let them fly off the side of the map.  Its FCS grants it free locks for more accuracy on following rounds.

      For a more advanced fleet, you might try:

      Keyan Farlander with Push The Limit + Fire Control System + Proton Torpedoes + Advanced Proton Torpedoes

      With Poe Dameron with BB-8 + Push The Limit

      And Biggs Darklighter with nothing on him


      Nera Dantels with Deadeye + Fire Control System + Proton Torpedoes + Proton Torpedoes

      With Poe Dameron with R2-D2 or BB-8 + Push The Limit

      And Prototype Pilot with Proton Rockets

      Keyan brings ordnance with a good deal of accuracy and positioning power.  For example, he can barrel roll into position, then target lock with Push The Limit, gain a stress, and then attack with his primary weapon or a torpedo and spend the stress to focus his attack dice (as though he had a focus token).  You can spend the stress to focus your attack even if you don't roll any eyes.  It's a bit wacky, but you'll get the hang of it and it's quite potent.

      If he ever gets an enemy in arc at range 1 (and it'll be good practice to learn how to make this happen), unleash Advanced Proton Torpedoes.  They roll 5 dice, let you turn up to 3 blanks to focuses, and then Keyan can use his stress to focus all those into hits.

      Nera, in contrast, is relatively unconcerned with angle.  Her ability lets her fire her torpedoes in any direction, even outside her firing arc.  She also can fire her torpedoes with a focus token instead of a lock, thanks to deadeye.  This means she doesn't have to choose her target in advance; instead she only needs to have a target in the correct range, and she can unload a damaging torpedo on them.

      If you're okay with proxying cards, meaning using stand-ins for cards you don't own, then add Guidance Chips to the B-Wings to give their ordnance a lot more bite.  Most people are fine with proxying, but some prefer to work only with the cards they own, so I leave it up to you.  I'll try to stick to the cards in the expansions you list.

      Poe is very durable.  As long as he has a focus (and you should go to great lengths to make sure he focuses every round), he can turn one attack die from an eye to a hit every time he attacks, and one eye to an evade every time he defends.  This doesn't spend the focus tokens.  He can spend the focus token if he really wants, e.g. he rolled 2+ eyes.  R2-D2 will repair shields whenever he does a green maneuver, allowing him to undo some of the damage he takes.  This all comes together to make him hit harder and survive longer.  Alternately, BB-8 lets him barrel roll before green maneuvers, repositioning himself.

      If you pick Biggs, keep him close to any ship that needs to be kept safe (usually your expensive B-Wing).  He'll attract most attacks to himself so the other ship isn't as worried about defense, and can instead focus on dealing out death.  Biggs is a solid attacker too.

      If you have the A-Wing, then your low PS is an asset.  Try to get really close to where you think an enemy will land, so that they bump into you.  This is called blocking, and it denies your opponent's actions and makes them vulnerable (because they don't have that focus/evade/barrel roll/etc).  Focus as your action for defense.  If the opponent lands in your arc at range 1, you get to fire the proton rockets, unloading a 5 dice missile that doesn't spend your focus token (so you can spend it flipping that missile's rolled eyes into hits).

      I hope that helps!

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    • thanks my hope is to be in the midwest regionals hopefully even nationals thanks if i can get enough experience with this list ill try to use this it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • thanks for answering everyones questions you really help the x wing community.

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  • 3000+ edits to the wiki with all of your contributions being useful and extensive (those battle reports are 1600+ words!) I just want to say that you do an amazing and simply outstanding job, something we all aspire to. Thank-you as well to the other wonderful members of the x-wing minitures wiki.

    From A FANDOM user 

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