Miranda Doni Card

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K-Wing Maneuver Card

"We're the heavy hitters. When you need a command bridge leveled or a convoy of tanks wiped out, the K-wings get the call." ―New Republic pilot Miranda Doni shortly before the Battle of Doornik-319

Miranda Doni was a female Human who served as a starfighter pilot with the New Republic Defense Fleet.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Once per round when attacking, you may either spend 1 shield to roll 1 additional attack die or roll 1 fewer attack die to recover 1 shield.

Possible Upgrades Edit

Turret • Torpedoes (2) • MissilesCrewBomb (2) • Modification

FAQ Edit

  • If Miranda performs an attack using a secondary weapon that says “perform this attack twice,” she may use her ability on the first attack or the second attack. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.2.1, Updated 07/01/2016)

Available Through Edit

K-Wing Expansion Pack

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