X-Wing Miniatures Mission #13: Pursuit is a scenario that comes from the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary Edit

A dogged Imperial Raider-class corvette pursues a desperate band of Rebels across the void of space.

Required Products Edit

Mission Setup Edit

Rebel: CR90 (25 squad points worth of upgrades), 125 squad points; the Rebel player must field at least 2 unique ships as part of his squad.

Imperial: Raider-class corvette (25 squad points worth of upgrades), 100 squad points; the Imperial player cannot field any large ships.

The play area is 4' x 3'.

Starting with the Rebel player, each player takes turns place the six unique asteroids within Range 2-5 of the Rebel edge. An asteroid token cannot be placed at Range 1 of any edge of the play area or at Range 1 of another asteroid token.

Then, the Imperial player places the Raider within Range 1 of the Imperial edge and each of his small ships within Range 2 of the Imperial edge.

Then, the Rebel player places his ships within Range 5 of the Imperial edge with the front of each ship facing the Rebel edge and the sides of each ship base parallel to the neutral edges.

The Rebel player has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Pursuit: At the start of the Activation phase, the Imperial player reveals the maneuver dial of the Raider. Any small Rebel ship that has the Rebel edge inside its firing arc (regardless of range) reduces the speed of its revealed maneuver by the speed of the Raider's revealed dial (to a minimum of 1).
  • Distress signal: At the end of the second and third rounds, the Rebel player rolls an attack die. If it is a Hit result, the Rebel player places the CR90 within Range 1 of the Rebel edge. At the end of the fourth round, if the CR90 has not been placed, place it within Range 1 of the Rebel edge.
  • Rebel Rescue: When the CR90 is placed into the play area, assign energy tokens to all equipped upgrade cards and to the aft section Ship card up to its energy limit. While the CR90 is in the play area, the Pursuit rules are ignored.

Mission Objectives Edit

  • Rebel Victory: At least one unique small Rebel ship flees off the Rebel edge.
  • Imperial Victory: Destroy all unique Rebel ships.