X-Wing Miniatures Mission #19: Final Mission is a scenario that comes from the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary Edit

In a desperate maneuver, your superiors have dispatched a secret strike team to destroy a hidden suite of communication devices. The communication devices are vital in passing messages long distances by relaying them through a dangerous asteroid field. The projectors' shields and other defensive systems can hold out against most attacks, but scouting indicates that each projector is linked to another projector. Command believes that attacking each pair of projectors simultaneously may overwhelm the system and knock out both of the projectors. It is up to your strike team to knock out the communication network. If you cannot disrupt this relay, it may lead to the downfall of the Resistance. They are counting on you!

Mission Setup Edit

Resistance: 90 squad points; the Resistance player must field exactly 1 YT-1300 and 1 T-70 X-wing.

First Order: 100 squad points.

The First Order player places the six target tokens in the play area. Target tokens cannot be placed at Range 1-2 of an edge and must be placed beyond Range 1 of each other target token.

Then the First Order player places the six asteroids from a core set into the play area. Each asteroid must be touching a different target token.

Then the First Order player places all of his ships anywhere in the play area, but not overlapping asteroids. Then the Resistance player places all of his ships within Range 1 of any edges of the play area.

The Resistance player has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Special Forces: Resistance ships cannot receive ion tokens or tractor beam tokens. If a Resistance ship is destroyed, place a tracking token on its Ship card, discard all of its Damage cards, and reactivate its shields.
  • Target Practice: Each target token represents a target and can be "attacked" in the following way: When a Resistance ship has an opportunity to attack, if a target token is at Range 1 (and inside its firing arc, in the case of the T-70 X-wing), it may choose to place a tracking token on the target instead of attacking. That ship cannot place another tracking token on a target that round.
  • Tandem Shot: At the end of each round, if both targets of the same symbol have tracking tokens on them, the Resistance player removes those targets and tracking tokens from the play area and places the pair of targets next to his Ship cards.
  • Failed Shot: At the end of each round, if only one target of a pair has a tracking token on it, remove that tracking token from the play area.

Objectives Edit

Resistance Victory: Collect all three pairs of target tokens.

First Order Victory: Destroy a Resistance ship after placing a tracking token on a Resistance ship.

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