X-Wing Miniatures Mission #20: Patrol Ambush is a mission scenario that comes with the U-wing Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary Edit

While on a scouting mission, Heff Tobber and his escorts noticed a passing Imperial patrol. With some clever signals and misdirection, the Rebel scouts have lured the patrol into an asteroid field where Heff Tobber lay hidden. However; unbeknownst to the Rebels, the Imperials have hidden reinforcements as well! Who trapped who?

Playing With Other Factions Edit

Rather than playing Rebels versus Imperials, players can agree to use any faction instead of Imperials. Simply replace all references to "Imperial" with the name of the appropriate faction.

Mission Setup Edit

Imperial: 100 squad points; the Imperial player must field at least one large ship.

Rebel: Heff Tobber (Jyn Erso, Sensor Jammer, Flechette Torpedo, Stealth Device, Pivot Wing), and 70 additional squad points worth of ships and upgrades. Alternatively, the Rebel player may build a squad of up to 100 points that includes at least one large ship.

The Rebel player places six asteroids from any core set, and then places one ID token on one asteroid. Then the Imperial player places an ID token with a different number on an other asteroid.

Starting with the Rebel player, both players choose one of his large ships to be concealed. The chosen ships are not placed during setup.

The Rebel player has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Ambush: At the end of the first Combat phase, starting with the Rebel player, each player places his concealed ship at Range 1 of the asteroid containing his ID token, then removes his ID token.

Objectives Edit

Imperial Victory: Destroy all Rebel ships.

Rebel Victory: Destroy all Imperial ships.

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