X-Wing Miniatures Mission #3: Dark Whispers is the third of three mission scenarios that comes with the X-Wing Core Set.

Plot summary Edit

Imperial scouts have located a Rebel holonet satellite network, critical to maintaining secret communications across the entire galaxy. If Imperial ships can get close enough, they can download and decipher the encrypted Rebel transmissions. The Rebel defenders must hold off the Imperial fighters until security safeguards can be implemented to lock down the transmissions, disabling the holonet network but keeping the data safe.

Mission Setup Edit

Rebel: Red Squadron Pilot with Proton Torpedoes and R2-F2

Imperial: Black Squadron Pilot with Determination, Obsidian Squadron Pilot

The Imperial player places his ships within Range 1 of his edge of the play area.

Then the Rebel player places one satellite token within Range 3, one satellite token within Range 2, and his ship(s) within Range 1 of his edge of the play area. (If playing with 100-point squads, the Rebel player places one additional satellite token token within Range 3 and one additional satellite token within Range 2 of his edge of the play area.)

Each satellite token must be at Range 2 or farther away from both edges of the play area. After placement, each satellite must be at Range 2-3 of at least one other satellite.

Special Rules Edit

  • Scanning: Instead of performing an attack during the Combat phase, an Imperial ship that is overlapping a satellite token may SCAN the token. To do so, he removes that satellite token from the play area and places it on the scanning ship's Ship card (see "Objectives" below). A ship may scan more than one satellite token.
  • If a Rebel ship is overlapping a satellite, an Imperial ship that is touching that Rebel ship may scan the satellite as if the Imperial ship were overlapping the satellite token.
  • If an Imperial ship is destroyed after scanning one or more satellite tokens, return all satellite tokens on its Ship card to the supply.
  • Rebel Reinforcements: During the End phase, the Rebel player may call for one REINFORCEMENT for each Rebel ship that was destroyed during that round. For each reinforcement, he takes one "Rookie Pilot" Ship card and places it outside the play area. Then he places one "Rookie Pilot" ship within Range 1 of his edge of the play area. The Rebel player can assign maneuvers to this ship and use it as normal.

Mission Objectives Edit

Rebel Victory: Destroy all Imperial ships (or return all satellite tokens to the supply).

Imperial Victory: After all satellite tokens have been scanned, at least one Imperial ship that scanned a satellite must flee off the Imperial edge of the play area. Ships that flee in this way are not considered destroyed.

Any ships that flee before all satellite tokens have been scanned, or flee from the non-Imperial edge of the play area, are destroyed as normal.

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