X-Wing Miniatures Mission #8: Rendezvous is a mission scenario that comes from the

Plot Summary Edit

After escaping from the Hoth system, three straggling transports rendezvous at the predetermined coordinates and plan a course of action. Despite their best efforts, Imperial forces tracked one GR-75's sensor trail to the rendezvous point. As the Imperial trap springs, the Rebels scatter, hoping that the majority of the gathered forces manage to survive.

Required Products Edit

Mission Setup Edit

Rebel: 3 GR-75s (each with Combat Retrofit), 200 squad points. On each GR-75, reduce the combined cost of the Upgrade cards equipped to that ship by 10 (to a minimum of 0).

Imperial: 250 Squad Points

The play area is 4' x 3'.

The Rebel player places his GR-75 ships in the play area. Each GR-75 must touch the Rebel edge and cannot be at Range 1-2 of a neutral edge.

Then the Imperial player places four hyperspace tokens along his edge. He must place each hyperspace token beyond Range 3 of each another hyperspace token.

Then the Imperial player divides his ships into four groups. He must distribute his ships as evenly as possible among the groups (ignoring squad point cost). Then he places each group in the play area at Range 1 of a different hyperspace token.

Then the Rebel player places his remaining ships within Range 1-3 of the Rebel edge.

Then the Imperial player removes one of the hyperspace tokens from the play area. For each remaining hyperspace token, he assigns the matching group token to a different GR-75.

The Rebel player has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Huge Ship Collisions: If a GR-75 overlaps another GR-75, use the rules for "Overlapping Huge Ships" with one exception: the GR-75 that just executed its maneuver must skip its "Use Energy" and "Perform Action" steps.
  • Assist Action: Each GR-75 may perform the ASSIST action. To perform this action, the GR-75 chooses another GR-75 at Range 1-2. The chosen GR-75 may immediately perform one free action. This is an exception to the GR-75's inability to perform free action.

Mission Objectives Edit

Rebel Victory: Two GR-75s must flee the play area; each must flee with a portion of one section still in the play area at Range 1 of the hyperspace token matching its group token.

Imperial Victory: Destroy two GR-75 ships.

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