X-Wing Miniatures Mission F1: Ambush is a scenario that comes from the The Force Awakens Core Set.

Plot SummaryEdit

Outnumbered and outgunned, a cunning starfighter  pilot leads his enemies into a minefield. Will it be enough to turn the tide of battle, or will superior numbers prevail?

Mission SetupEdit

Resistance: Blue Squadron Novice

First Order: Epsilon Squadron Pilot, Zeta Squadron Pilot

The First Order player chooses three unique asteroid tokens and places them, one at a time, into the play area. An asteroid cannot be placed at Range 1-2 of any edge of the play area or at Range 1 of another asteroid.

Then the Resistance player takes three mine tokens and places them, one at a time, into the play area. A mine token cannot be placed within Range 1-2 of either player edge, at Range 1-2 of another mine token, or overlapping an asteroid token. (If playing with 100-point squads, the Resistance player places three additional mine tokens and the First Order player builds a 115-point squad).

Then the First Order player places his ship(s) within Range 1 of the First Order edge. Then the Resistance player places his ships within Range 2 of his edge of the play area.

The Resistance player has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Minefield: At the end of the Combat phase, the Resistance player may choose to DETONATE one or more mine tokens. To detonate a mine, he rolls three attack dice. Each ship at Range 1 of the mine suffers any damage (Hit) and critical damage (Critical Hit) rolled. Then he discards that mine token. The Resistance player may measure range from the mine tokens to enemy ships before deciding to detonate a mine.
  • Minesweeping: Mines are treated as obstacles that can be attacked, target-locked, damaged, and destroyed. Each mine a hull value of "2" and an agility value of "0". Mines can be damaged only by critical hits; for each critical damage (Critical Hit) a mine suffers, place one damage token near that mine instead of dealing a Damage card. When there are two or more damage tokens near a mine, it is destroyed.

Mission Objectives Edit

  • Resistance Victory: Destroy all First Order ships.
  • First Order Victory: Destroy all Resistance ships.

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