X-Wing Miniatures Mission G1: Rebel Saboteurs is the first of three missions of the campaign Imperial Crackdown, and its from the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary Edit

Across the galaxy, the Empire tightens its grip. Only the exceptionally brave (or exceptionally reckless) dare to offer any resistance in the face of such overwhelming military might. Nevertheless Imperial forces are stretched thin. Pirates, spies and saboteurs harry supply lines, and agents of the Rebel Alliance continue to wage their lopsided war, striking fast and hard wherever the Empire is Weakest.

A precarious situation indeed, thinks the captain of a Gozanti-class cruiser as he sits brooding on his bridge. Two months of patrols have yielded little more than fleeting glimpses of enemy. Enough. He stands.

"Prepare to jump to hyperspace on my mark. Let's do a fly-by of this sector's communications array."

"Sir, those coordinates are not on our designated patrol route."

"I'm countermanding those orders. How long have we been out here with nothing to show for it? someone has been alerting the saboteurs of our movement, but they'll not slip my net this time."

Emerging from hyperspace, the cruiser is greeted by a strange sight-a Corellian freighter is sabotaging the array!

"Prepare an intercept course and deploy the fighters. And ensign-happy hunting."

Mission Setup Edit

Rebel: 100 squad points; the Rebel player must field the wing leader. The Rebel player cannot field Biggs Darklighter.

Imperial: 110 squad points; the Imperial player must field only the Gozanti-class cruiser and up to 4 docked ships (following the rules listed on the "Docking Clamps" Upgrade Card).

The play area is 3' x 3'.

The Rebel player chooses three corners of the play area. Then he places one satellite token within Range 1-3 of each of those corners.

Then the Imperial player places the Gozanti-class cruiser within the Range 1-3 of a corner that has been assigned a satellite. Assign 3 energy to it.

Then the Rebel player places all his ships with Range 1-3 of corner that has not been assigned a satellite.

The Imperial has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Satellite Token: Satellite tokens are not obstacles.
  • Sabotages the Satellites: At the start of each End phase, if the wing leader is at Range 1 of a satellite, the Rebel player places it on the wing leader's Ship card.

Objectives Edit

Rebel Victory: The wing leader flees the battlefield with three satellite tokes on his Ship card. Alternatively, the Gozanti-class cruiser is destroyed.

Imperial Victory: The wing leader is destroyed.

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