X-Wing Miniatures Mission T2b: Emergency Repairs is the third mission of the campaign The Point of No Return, and is from the Tantive IV Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary Edit

Crippled by the TIE patrol, the CR90 escapes the engagement badly damaged and venting oxygen.

Desperate and out of options, the captain sends out a distress call. To his surprise, a Rebel way-station responds. With no recourse but to turn to the Alliance for help, he sets a course for the way-station.

One nerve-racking hyperspace jump later; with the ship docked at the orbital way-station, an Alliance repair crew moves expertly from deck to deck. WED Treadwell repair droids trailing along behind them like mobile multitools.

Midway through the repairs, the station's klaxons howl, signaling an impending threat. The captain of the corvette grabs the arm of a panicked repairman.

"What's going on here?"

"The Imperials are attacking! We need to evacuate!"

"What you need to do is get my ship operational, and nobody's going anywhere until you do!"

With the Rebel repair crew still onboard, the corvette must travel with all possible speed while the Rebels cover its escape.

Mission Setup Edit

  • Rebel: CR90, 75 squad points; the Rebel player must field a single unique ship as part of his squad.

The play area is 3' x 6'.

The Imperial player places his ships within Range 1 of either of the Imperial edges.

Then, the Rebel player places his CR90 approximately equidistant from both Imperial edges with the fore section nearest to the neutral edge and with the aft section's base within Range 2 of the Rebel edge. Then, he places his remaining ships within Range 1-3 of the CR90.

Remove all shield tokens from the CR90. If the fore section was crippled in Mission T1, deal the "Secondary Drive Failure" Damage card to the fore section. If the aft section was crippled in Mission T1, deal the "Projector Power Failure" Damage card to the aft section.

The Rebel player has initiative.

Special Rules Edit

  • Engine Shutdown: During the Planning phase of the first two rounds, the Rebel player does not assign a maneuver dial to the CR90. During the Activation phase of the first two rounds, the CR90 still activates, but it does not execute a maneuver. Instead, during the "Gain Energy" step, it gains three energy.
  • Potent Munitions: When a bomb affects the CR90, apply the bomb's effect twice to the CR90.

Mission Objectives Edit

Rebel Victory: The CR90 must flee off the neutral edge of the play area.

Imperial Victory: One section of the CR90 is crippled.

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