Nashtah Pup Pilot Card

The Nashtah Pup was a modified Z-95 Headhunter used by the bounty hunter Bossk as a scout ship. It was carried aboard the hunter's primary vessel, the Hound's Tooth in a modified cargo bay. It could carry only two people and had limited life support capabilities.

 Card Text/Abilities Edit

You have the pilot skill and pilot ability of the friendly destroyed ship equipped with the Hound's Tooth Upgrade card.

FAQ Edit

  • If the only ship remaining in a match is the Nashtah Pup Pilot, the player who controls that ship wins. If this scenario arises during a tournament match, the Nashtah Pup Pilot is treated as though it is worth 1 point. For  example, in a standard 100 point dogfight match, the player who controls the Nashtah Pup Pilot earns a full win and has a margin of victory of 101 and his opponent scores 99.
  • The Nashtah Pup Pilot cannot be equipped with any Upgrade card.
  • If Bossk is equipped with Veteran Instincts or Adaptability and Hound’s Tooth, the Nashtah Pup Pilot keeps that modified pilot skill. (FAQ v.4.1.1, 3/15/2016)

Available Through Edit

Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack