Obsidian Squadron Pilot Ship Card

TIE Fighter Move

TIE Fighter Maneuver Card

Obsidian Squadron was a TIE/ln starfighter squadron that was trained to fly ships that had been specially modified for atmospheric engagements. These craft allowed them to perform seemingly impossible maneuvers, and had special high-output solar panels installed to boost weapons strength. The pilots of Obsidian Squadron were also specially trained and led by Civé Rashon. They were stationed aboard the Star Destroyer Avenger and tasked with pursuing the Millennium Falcon, first as it entered the Hoth asteroid field, and again later as it escaped from Bespin's Cloud City. They were then stationed at Bespin as part of the permanent garrison there. During the construction of the second Death Star near Endor, Obsidian Squadron was called in to help defend the space station, being assigned aboard the Star Destroyer Thunderflare.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

The TIE fighter's Twin Ion Engine system was designed for speed, making the TIE one of the most maneuverable starships ever produced.

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Available Through Edit

Card Artist Edit

Jorge Maese

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