Prince Xizor Card

"Xizor was a Falleen Prince of House Sizhran and the leader of the powerful criminal organization Black Sun during the Galactic Civil War. Xizor was a ruthless competitor and charismatic public figure in high society with his headquarters in the city planet Coruscant. Close to the Imperial Palace, but less splendid, was Xizor's Palace: his home outside Falleen.

Following the Battle of Hoth, Xizor was considered one of the most influential beings in the galaxy, on a par with Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, due to his exceptional wealth and influence through his criminal activities.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

When defending, a friendly ship at Range 1 may suffer 1 uncancelled hit or critical result instead of you.

Possible Upgrades Edit

EliteTorpedoesModificationSystem and Illicit (if Virago is fielded for this ship) • Titles (Virago; StarViper Mk. II)

Available Through Edit

StarViper Expansion Pack