Proton Bombs Card

The proton bomb, space bomb, or heavy space bomb, was a large energy explosive device used in space combat and orbital bombardment. They were most effective against fixed or slow moving targets such as fortifications, space stations, and capital ships. These energy weapons often emitted the signature blue "glow" of proton torpedoes. Handheld explosives were termed proton grenades.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

When you reveal your maneuver dial, you may discard this card to drop 1 proton bomb token.

This token detonates at the end of the Activation phase.

Detonation Edit

When this bomb token detonates, deal 1 faceup Damage card to each ship at Range 1 of the token. Then discard this token.

FAQ Edit

Every ship at Range 1 takes a faceup Damage card on detonation. A ship must take the Damage card regardless of how many shields it has remaining, and such damage cannot be canceled by evade tokens.

Available Through Edit