R2-D6 Card

R2-D6 was assigned to a Y-wing on recon duty in the Muugrah system searching for a pirate base. Though the Y-wing did find the base, it was soon attacked by the pirates and the pilot was forced to eject. Deesix became trapped in his socket due to the damage dealt to the ship, and played dead as the Y-wing was tractored aboard a pirate ship, which proceeded to take it to a nearby pirate outpost. Once the outpost commander saw what his men had brought in, he panicked and ordered the fighter disposed of lest he be linked with the Rebel Alliance. The fighter, with Deesix still aboard, was loaded into a cargo container and dumped in Squarn's Junkyard on the planet Muugrah.

Once Deesix was delivered to a Rebel base, the information in his memory was downloaded, saving many Rebel lives from the pirate attacks.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Your upgrade bar gains the elite upgrade icon. You cannot equip this upgrade if you already have an elite upgrade icon or if your pilot skill value is "2" or lower.

Available Through Edit

Rebel Transport Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Adam Lane