Rexler Brath Card


TIE Defender Maneuver Dial

Rexler Brath was an Imperial pilot who served in the elite Onyx Squadron of TIE Defenders. He was also the leader of Onyx Squadron, which consisted of veteran pilots who had all flown, and survived, at least twenty missions in combat. For that reason, Brath considered his entire group either the best pilots in the Imperial Navy, or just the luckiest.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

After you perform an attack that deals at least 1 Damage card to the defender, you may spend a focus token to flip those cards faceup.

Action Bar Edit

FocusTarget LockBarrel Roll

Possible Upgrades Edit

Elite • Cannon • MissilesModification • Title (TIE/x7 or TIE/D)

FAQ Edit

  • Rexler Brath must choose to use his pilot ability after resolving any faceup damage cards dealt by his attack.
  • Any faceup damage cards that have been resolved and flipped facedown and any additional Damage cards dealt by the Minor Explosion Damage cards are also flipped faceup when Rexler Brath uses his ability.
  • Rexler Brath may only use his pilot ability once per attack.
  • A game effect can only resolve once per opportunity. For example, Luke Skywalker’s pilot ability applies “when defending,” so he can only use his ability once against each enemy attack. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015)

Available Through Edit

TIE Defender Expansion Pack

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