Rookie Pilot
PS 2 3 Weapon
Cost 21 2 Agility
Faction Rebel 3 Hull
Errata No 2 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary

Focus • Target Lock
Modification • Torpedoes • Astromech
Maneuver Chart
Available Through
X-Wing Core Set

X-Wing Expansion Pack

Rebel Transport Expansion Pack

Training fell under the auspices of the Starfighter Command. Veteran pilots flew with rookies to hone their skills. Pilots were also trained using simulators on-board Rebel starships such as the Independence. Pilots sometimes created impromptu training runs through factories. Admiral Ackbar commented that after going through those unsanctioned runs, pilots came out better-skilled. Although not as well trained as Imperial pilots, Rebel pilots were dedicated and resolved, which helped them survive.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Designed by Incom Corporation, the T-65 X-Wing quickly proved to be one of the most effective military vehicles in the galaxy and a boon to the Rebellion.

 Action Bar Edit

FocusTarget Lock

Possible Upgrades Edit