Saber Squadron Pilot

Saber Squadron Pilot Card

TIE Interceptor Move

TIE Interceptor Maneuver Card

Saber Squadron was an elite TIE Interceptor unit and one of the squadrons of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group stationed aboard the second Death Star. During the Battle of Endor, Saber Squadron was assigned to defend the Star Destroyer Avenger, a task that they carried out admirably in spite of the Galactic Empire's loss at that battle. The famous Imperial pilot Soontir Fel, perhaps second only to Darth Vader, led the squadron personally.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Led by Baron Soontir Fel, the pilots of Saber Squadron are among the Empire's best. Their TIE Interceptors are marked with red stripes to designate pilots with at least ten confirmed kills.

Possible Upgrades Edit


Available Through Edit

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