Sigma Squadron Pilot
TIE Phantom
PS 3 4 Weapon
Cost 25 2 Agility
Faction Imperial 2 Hull
Errata no 2 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary

Focus • Barrel Roll • Evade • Cloak
Modification • System • Crew
Maneuver Chart
Available Through
TIE Phantom Expansion Pack
Sigma Squadron was a starfighter squadron of the Imperial Navy that was equipped with TIE Phantoms. To demonstrate the new starfighters' effectiveness to Darth Vader, Admiral Sarn deployed Sigma Squadron against a Rebel Alliance patrol in the Dreighton Triangle. All three Rebel fighters were destroyed and the TIEs sustained no casualties.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

The primary result of a hidden research facility on Imdaar Alpha, the TIE phantom added a small fighter with cloaking capabilities to the Imperial fleet.

Action Bar Edit

FocusBarrel RollEvadeCloak

Possible Upgrades Edit

System • Crew • Modification

Available Through Edit

TIE Phantom Expansion Pack