During the Combat phase, all ships with a pilot skill value equal to the active ship have the opportunity to attack before being destroyed. If a ship would be destroyed and it has the same pilot skill value as the active ship but has not had an opportunity to attack yet, it is not destroyed. Instead, it retains its Damage cards and continues to function as normal, suffering any effects on its Damage cards. After it has had its opportunity to attack, it is destroyed and removed from the play area.

  • Even if the ship did not have a valid target for an attack, it is removed after its opportunity to attack passes.
  • While the Simultaneous Attack Rule keeps a ship in the play area, that ship's abilities and Damage cards remain active.
  • After a ship has resolved its opportunity to attack, before it is destroyed, it can resolve any abilities that trigger after performing an attack.

Example: Red Squadron Veteran (pilot skill "4") attacks Omega Squadron Pilot (pilot skill "4"). From this attack, Omega Squadron Pilot is dealt Damage cards equal to its hull value. Omega Squadron Pilot will be destroyed, but since it has the same pilot skill as Red Squadron Veteran, it first has the opportunity to perform its attack. After Omega Squadron Pilot resolves this opportunity to attack, it is destroyed and removed from the play area.

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